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Saturday December 31st, 203311:33 pm

How would you like to meet the Mother and Father of Adam and Eve?

"When you get there...
Be sure to Read... [gasp, pause]
Jason's Journal." - O-Ren Ishi-IIs Father's last words, Kill Bill Volume I


spoiler warning


God Bless,
Friday October 14th, 201610:45 pm

a short piece on psychology of man

The strong man deals with the lunatic world like so, as long and as true as he can:

- Strength in morals, with an open mind, because you know what's good and what's not right.
  - Strength against the details of the Others, when they overwhelm with their ditty-witty.
  - Strength against the devil, who uses all forms to generate the snake.
  - Love for the snake, but more love for man, because we are made in God's image.

The only difference between me, omniscience, and madness is this:

1.  me:  my self, focused on myself, loving myself
  2.  omniscience:  no self and self, and all selves, handled with care and compassion.
  3.  madness:  self or no self doesn't matter, just the sounds of the delusional incompetents.

When you have a child, you must know:
even if your own mind tells you a thousand thousand things,
left and right and this way and that:
your goal is the welfare of the child.
Do your duty: protect the body, feed the mind with good words and learnings,
ignore the inbetweens in every syllable, for they are lies and devils.
When the child speaks, you should hear only utopia:
Goo-goo, gah-gah.

The sinners take apart their game soon,
and this is a great lesson to meditate upon.

Tuesday October 11th, 20165:49 pm

"Pussybird Tao"

"what is the point of contemplating it
if i cannot make it real to me?"

I'll answer the ghouls here.

You see a door, and do not have the key.
Yet you pretend to imagine the room.
You will never be inside that room.
You will never have that key.

It is not your room, it is not your key to be had.

Yet still, you imagine that room.

To you, the door is more real than the room.

I doubt the key even crosses your mind in this process
of what you perceive in the moment real (the door),
what you perceive in afterthought (the room),
and what you completely do not perceive without wisdom:

To open a fucking door, you need the fucking key.

God Bless,

Tuesday October 11th, 20165:41 pm

on Justice

The word justification is not justice.
Justification is the story bandaid on your conscience's hemorrhage.

Justice comes from the root, Just "is":  to be good and righteous (and hopefully wise).

Justification comes from the affix (after-fix), fiction.  Justice as Fiction.

Thursday October 6th, 20166:06 pm

when things come in problem by problem, instead of as a problem, solutions come easy.
Wednesday October 5th, 20164:18 pm

fine print: The Supreme not included. And included. And not included and included.

You want to meet your maker?
Then make something.  And make it Good.
Friday September 30th, 201611:44 pm

Figures swarmed samsara,
and blue lightning came down
all around the head of Jesus,
as He stared at the evil one,
peering into that eye and seeing lusts.

And the blue-lightning formed a line
from the heart of Jesus
up through to and beyond the top of His head.

Again and again the lightning struck,
in a state beyond time, and the ceiling
instead of a cloud looked like the water
as if under the surface of a pool.

Then, again,
all this cleared,
and there was a radiant light
emanating around His head,
as the sun, of pure whiteness.

Even in all this splendor,
never was the devil subdued,
and Jesus noted this
before returning to the scriptures.

Thursday September 29th, 201611:34 pm

the road to hell is paved with good intention

"The silent screaming child"

In all of nature, I can imagine few things worse
than man's machines.  Grass destroying machines,
squeeking rumbling moving machines,
and the number crunching machines known in the end as Trojan.

The only thing worse,
besides the spiritual Beast,
is man's misplaced desire to help:

their wisdom, the bricks and mortar
of the road
of intention,
the pathway to hell.

At least some may pretend to be good;
but I would prefer
Good itself.

Thursday September 29th, 201611:20 pm

on the nature of demons in the psychic samsaric space and the semiawakened mind

Though you are confined to a stage,
where the doors do not open,
and every open door
is a new birth,
you can not imagine the pain of the traveler:
loud is the ringing,
and harsh is the vibration
against the skin and bones.

In their taking shape,
there is always an evil in their measure,
and there is always something behind it
to laugh and secure
its illegitimacy.

Thursday September 29th, 201611:04 pm

Easy to write poems and songs
about a great being-buddah
at the end of their 'time'

Easy to ignore their words
and life
while they still
speak and live.

Easy to take credit from the King,
especially in the democracy of sense and mind.

Hard to remember the time
before sound and understanding
of the new words
and things,
so foreign
to the truth
and the King.

Hard to accept nondualist dualismings,
pretendings and actings,
hard to imagine the world
as the phantoms
paint it.