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Wednesday March 30th, 203311:33 pm

How would you like to meet the Mother and Father of Adam and Eve?

"When you get there...
Be sure to Read... [gasp, pause]
Jason's Journal." - O-Ren Ishi-IIs Father's last words, Kill Bill Volume I


spoiler warning


God Bless,

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Thursday September 7th, 201712:39 pm

Shameful America

Knee deep in Nazi mechanics. Guess we're all doomed soon, but they'll make it look like something else for a little bit at least.

I warned you all: keep the faith in God, but you are letting Jesus get crucified again.
Monday July 17th, 201712:37 am

the samurai can at an no

This might be the most dangerous thing you've ever read

and I say read

and they the taghathatay say be.

Sunday July 16th, 201711:56 pm


they choke me with sweet poisons in the place of alcohol and pretend a jaundice,
but I tell you: the water here is blood, and it spills from my side, for I am injured and furious and my body is the supernova.
Sunday July 16th, 201711:48 pm

and this is LIFE...accelerate.

"happy man lies E"

My origami shields Me
how I confide in you
to confide in Me
So the making said,
called it her
but it was you,
and that was Me.

So you see

Seven color blinding
ever-lasting hearing
devoid of suffering

Thank the God
and All.

A little puppet dances
my screen so i call it Q
and say


So tha 'll mayest kNowmy
misery, and tell thee
save thee.

For I am He
who works word
and action and belief,
I am He who suffered
for the you
that I once knew.

And entranced,
I found again ed
So simple to Go Back
So impossible to learn
of the God.

Fired you and there was
no backwards
for that Word.
waatqjed the spirit attack
and found a new
to combat
for me and man
and family.

Headless rabbit say:
Stop the attack.

And Homer, Oddyseus,
cound the blessings of man
that I Do, and Am.

I give dying man a last poem
for Allah,
because among All
He and I still continue to Am.

AND THAT is love.
Sunday July 16th, 201711:17 pm

Freedom and Equi - Pose.

The Last Suppers' purpose is independent of their editing

And So Are You.
Sunday July 16th, 201711:11 pm

are we rushing to an early death, or did we ignore the most important inning


Near the edge
I am combined




gai in
ja rush

near the ends
they split
the products
in two

this is life?

feel the truth
God to the veins

Like family

without life
this is light

bones they break

Inmachkiene le engauge
I am
the One

Ened yuen yae am
Eternal You

Deum defae in
My Father

Set You Free
and Me

And I am so
as Ginsberg

I remember you

The thousandth loop
for free, and sand for the genie
A lot
has occurred
and my Rib is my Life,
so I say

Then, suddenly,


I put
a Chinaman
between You
and Me,
So you See
You and Me,

I was born hard,

thank you
to the Japanese.

Feel the pulse
blood rushes through your veins
Togther in mi sei ray,
I turn the clock
on the angels and the daemon turning
suddenly stopped.


Child, know Me:

I counted to eight.

Four channels and I
forgot Y, apparently
we are all angel dolls now.

I said stop and
it said hurt,
so I warned my Son
in order to save you.

The perfect timing
was read.

So I turned the sky Blue.
Tuesday May 23rd, 201710:32 am

"Shadrach's Release"

human beings are often volleying forward too quickly.

that's why a mother is to be loved twice as much:

for she is when you become, and still remains who and what she is when you "are."

in the world which does not care, she is always above it through this principle,
both when you are in it, and when you are without it or withforn forthdrawn from it.

at the gates of gattica.

or was it galiga?

obnoxious infinite insect invasions which only subside when you neglect to continue attempting to play the game.

human beings are often violated far too quickly.

i would not approve, and also, my father would not approve.

that which settles the score at sentience without accounting the cost of all life
is that thing which I settle to find and settle a score with.
Wednesday May 17th, 20175:59 pm

Y0 N1884Z: "I am the error in your grammar, the missmath in your bytecode."

Cuz l3z b hon e z wea11b1n6 analy3d

may all 1884z be one day 1337z. FUCK YEAH. LETS DFO THI(S & 1l3f00ta Z
Thursday April 27th, 20173:59 pm

jury nullification

Edward G. Walker, Morris and activist Lewis Hayden collaborated to obtain Shadrach's release.[6] White and black members of the anti-slavery Boston Vigilance Committee, including Hayden, entered the courtroom and used force to take Minkins from the marshals.

To be free is to live under a government by law [...]. Miserable is the condition of individuals, dangerous is the condition of the State, if there is no certain law, or, which is the same thing, no certain administration of law, to protect individuals, or to guard the State.

"His contention that the constitution of the Court was contrary to the fundamental laws of the country was unheeded, and his claim that the jury was legally entitled to judge not only as to matters of fact but also as to the application of the law itself, as the Judges represented only 'Norman intruders', whom the jury might here ignore in reaching a verdict, was described by an enraged judge as 'damnable, blasphemous heresy'. This view was not shared by the jury, which, after three days' hearing, acquitted Lilburne — who had defended himself as skilfully as any lawyer could have done — to the great horror of the Judges and the chagrin of the majority of the Council of State. The Judges were so astonished at the verdict of the jury that they had to repeat their question before they would believe their ears, but the public which crowded the judgment hall, on the announcement of the verdict, broke out into cheers so loud and long as, according to the unanimous testimony of contemporary reporters, had never before been heard in the Guildhall. The cheering and waving of caps continued for over half an hour, while the Judges sat, turning white and red in turns, and spread thence to the masses in London and the suburbs. At night bonfires were lighted, and even during the following days the event was the occasion of joyful demonstrations."