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Saturday December 31st, 203311:33 pm

How would you like to meet the Mother and Father of Adam and Eve?

"When you get there...
Be sure to Read... [gasp, pause]
Jason's Journal." - O-Ren Ishi-IIs Father's last words, Kill Bill Volume I


spoiler warning


God Bless,
Tuesday August 30th, 201611:31 pm

for the fools

Perhaps it is merely because the ignorance clause is broken that what should be right simply results in egoistic failure every time.  The gradient level between one class of existence of a single being and his or her next stage is simply bombarded by innocense-guilt treatments which through duality end up inevitably judging the being to death.

I can fix the ignorance clause.  This is an algorithm that merely requires a small amount of power in the form of physical movement.  Moving the right things there, and the wrongs things gone, rather than living in a place where right things go where wrong things go also, and the jumble of truth is lost within the confines of inter-personal control relations, and the little-ones need to define.  So those good fools say:

The Buddha was just a good psychologist.

And the reaper sits silently, and smiles, as always.

I tell you now:

The good king has power over the simple masses of an environment.  The nature of the inner-mind-worlds and universal church are the mountaintops, but if you burn the ground by no-trespassing signs and then exile the king there, I tell you this too:  where there is fire in the inner-mind states, there will also be fire in the world.  Well I say to you a third time in saying so that it be miffed:  but that ye run, far from here, and take no question or heed or need in doing so, but go.

God Bless you,


Tuesday August 30th, 201611:04 pm

praetendere naturae

the irony of i
who have seen
the buddha's
ten-thousand blinks

Eternal economics failure running-still

As One man works
with his ten-thousand souls
and answers the phone
when I call,
the other man
works by his dictator-masters
puppetstring smiles
and no response

The echo of space,
the mass and form of planets themselves
made by
response and commitment
as gravity circled,


God-form celestial ceramics-class

If all of Los Angeles could become that
it would be
nothing more than a commercial.

If all the centurions and all the senators
of all the ages
it would be as an insect before the ages-gur.

Charcoal football under-eye sunblinders

If I could paint my skin black,
I'd still be an angel,
and if I were a devil,
all the alabaster in all the worlds
would make among themselves
just another shell.

Tuesday August 30th, 20166:01 pm

There were squares, triangles, and circles. And after me only snowflakes.

dharmakaya description - the idea of the idea of ideas, beyond the place of ideas.

What's the difference between the words Politic and Poetic?


Wednesday August 24th, 201612:16 pm

you know who you are


Everything is beautiful

Everything is beautiful

but I don't care

Everything is beautiful
Everything is beautiful
but I don't care,
I don't care

Tuesday August 16th, 201612:21 am

The air body chi
great halcyon wind
the center
and seam of my heavenly ceil
blue sitting Christ
        at the helm of peace.

The poet-rishi
       servile sings his songs
to the Gaul
                   that stands true for you;
Jupiter cooperate,
                   and dark-eyed Juno
                   look this and every way;
                 youth, wet, eyes
                   on the cross, dry and waiting.
Boned corpse,
      fragrance of the lily
                     and the lotus,
Herodotus sighs,
and the cherubim calculators run their numbers
without gender
            or irresponsible judgement,
caring for man
           and plant
           and God
                          equal in equanimity.
Against the old wrinkled matriarchs
One and First amongst
the graveyard diggers
Colored by the sun,
              yet dancing among the shadows
aware of the lost
and the singing-sight aware;
           of King and of Time,
              of Song, and
              of the Space between notes
                     Between the darkness and the light.
The Cathartic Halo
mother white and rainbow hue
across the winter water
             newly digged lake.
Tuesday August 9th, 20166:21 pm

I eat bread
        and beef
               and mangoes
and                       I know:

I have sinned the sin of my Fathers.

I have harvested the reap of what was for creation,
            and taken it unto myself,
                                       as if I were greater.

I'm a vegetarian, great thought, man,
                                                           but still
                                                                    I'm eating eggs and salmon
                                                                    and sitting tight within this

I will have nothing,
                                            Faster and Faster,
                                            going forward two words:
               Death and

Tuesday August 9th, 20166:10 pm


The greatest I
caught in the tangleweb of that which lay betwixt
Him and I

called 'you'.

Dinner's on the table,
they will eat the dew,
and the lip,
drink the words
when I am through.

World-softball Baseball gaming
Abel.  Adam help me,
charged the child with a crime:


assemble a family,
and prove a garden grows
by love alone.

But truly a garden grows
only by God,
a thousand Aphrodites

wilt not make
a single

Saturday July 30th, 20161:35 am



Amongst the companies of the Chine,
Sean tare the Indie-Est
for the Salt, wae said,
tae make it Roman indeed,

For a grand day's labor
is worth seven of the Lord's

Questioning again,
saw an angle
worth fighting for,
amongst the endless cityscapes
of a simple algorithm.

Saturday July 30th, 20161:30 am

truth trew a byuch of nembers two

every blink
on the hangman's galleon

pirate-face-caked in mascarion
twenty-first centurion
blue-boy kalion faker

kiss me

to an omnipresent digit-bine
beyond-comprehend form

I am God

I'm changing base again:
10 to the 13 three
Now I'm
Changing face again
find me here, in the trees,
find my name

Faker find Truth