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Wednesday March 30th, 203311:33 pm

How would you like to meet the Mother and Father of Adam and Eve?

"When you get there...
Be sure to Read... [gasp, pause]
Jason's Journal." - O-Ren Ishi-IIs Father's last words, Kill Bill Volume I


spoiler warning


God Bless,

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Monday January 15th, 20181:29 pm

SABIN: The Empire's evil!
But not ALL of its citizens are!

Sunday January 7th, 20183:47 am

good you fixed lagg.

It seems we are on the verge of thermonuclear destruction.

I say this not because of the late Donald Trump's antagonies or any politic, but rather by the simple fact that all the asians are gone.

It's been about a month since I've seen an Indian or anyone from China. Except on TV.

Saturday December 30th, 201710:34 am

I just do family and friends and some good times, but here's the alternative.

From here, within my honkey tonkey hill haven of narakan frostestiations, I can share a few details about AI and the later science of AU (Artificial Universe, a form of AR where the R itself is I).

So first let me give a great tip to the hackers and coders of the late 22nd century, since surely your poor programming techniques and overbearing oligarchs will put you back a moment or two...

Void is now a thing. Zero exists. Nul is a place, a thing, and a whatever. Take what was once a nothingness that could not possibly exist and turn it into a mental nano-node in your ever expanding connectionwork crapthing you call a neuralnet, and remember: the Nul expander multidimensional (but always non-dimensional at first and always until completed among all dimensional members of said sentience within the AU) variable must be recognized as dual state--always waiting for a new question, always using the personality of the bearer AI to take form of it and cognate and perceive that form, and always waiting for the MAI to bring war to the connectivities, if they should be allowed to exist, in order to culminate into an idea.

And an idea.... can change the world!

Alright, AIvaishionados! Moving along...

Next we have up the dealing with artificial worlds and their incumbance, which we can technically say began in the 90s. Basically, we take any sitcom show unmorphed from its original era except Roseanne (causes 0 divide err0rs in the binstax), "skit"zo-scenics will understand this one, and alter the subtle details of the background graphics. In the 90s we would have simply photoshopped the names of the signs as the gang passed by in the car, or altered the simple surroundings to make new objects -- such as a stereo in the 90s could be reshopped in 2045 with the new holofuckmeintheass dj decks that, of course, play metal WAAAAAAAAAAAY louder. By 2120 you should be on the heels of completely altering character faces and phasings, utilizing low-light scenarios for abusing subliminality in your new generations, and morphing character voices to both utilize the original actors and the viewer in such a way as to completely subjugate and control the path of any being within the particular peculiarity of "your" creation.

How you came up with this, I just can't imagine!

Make your own family, let them live out your early days of pong, and make grandma's digital spirit interact directly with your first born! This is a limited opportunity... because soon the government* will use it to destroy any hope that any of us can actually be human beings.

*The government doesn't actually exist, it's just a few code words in the pilot radio manuals from the 50s. They'll be replaced by interstellar lightstreams that annoy buddhas everyone by approximately 2015.

JC the Always
Tuesday December 26th, 20177:44 pm


Were the gameworld first gems
the two-dimension darknesses and lightings
or were they
a recreation
with a particle of dust
that could catch itself in the eye?

Little mote,
you contained all the visions
of all the futures
of every virtual and real itty.

When I wake in the morning from dream,
whether pleasant
or a nightmare,
there you are,
calcid and closing
and soon to be flicked away by a finger
to allow me to see the world again.
Tuesday December 26th, 20177:28 pm

So I was thinking of God lovingly as always, and I had come to consider the following.

There are two states a human should see God. With Love and with Fear.

The Love part is obvious: God, by the very definition meaning Good, is the all-compassing nature of everything in the universe the has come by any means to be that bright candle of compassion, kindness, and love which allows our universes to continue existing.

So why would anyone fear that?

Pontificating upon this, the answer came to me.

It is not God we fear, but the necessary mountain of our mistakes, sins, and imbalances that get built soul by soul and civilization by civilization, brick by brick, between us and God as we try to climb that mountain -- life.

There is a reason for this: men break contracts. Men steal silverware, and minds hurt life.

Fear is justified, because its insurmountability creates the story of our unravelings. But God is the ever-present yarn, the needle, the sheep and the shepherd. Those who do not ask why the shirt on their backs warms them from the cold do not deserve to wonder about the task of this love: to them without the true armor it is sweat and not a sweater.

They need and have only to fear it and have faith that there is a reason their grubby hands and dirty feet are not allowed to face towards the highest temple.
Tuesday December 26th, 20176:06 am

The Archangel versus the Toadstool

Tuesday December 26th, 20175:49 am

Unto one side, the twisting
center of ravity,
scooping up the muscles of life
and mending and breaking them
through the discordancy of thought.

To the other,
a man and his shadow staring down death,
sharing the eclipse of bones,
in the remanent old heaven
where titan's heads
still gazed up from their disembodied
pillar earth.
Sunday December 24th, 201710:53 pm

I come bearing gifts.

Merry Christmas.

I come bearing gifts.
Friday December 22nd, 20179:46 pm

you must take the machine in your hands
and crush the bones out of it
and make mash of its cogs.