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Wednesday March 30th, 203311:33 pm

How would you like to meet the Mother and Father of Adam and Eve?

"When you get there...
Be sure to Read... [gasp, pause]
Jason's Journal." - O-Ren Ishi-IIs Father's last words, Kill Bill Volume I


spoiler warning


God Bless,

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Monday November 20th, 20179:43 am

So what I believe may have happened is that the one greatest prophet, completely omniscient in every way, saw the neverendingness and tried to find stability (salvation) for the pocket worlds within the all-existences.

And of course, something must have happened to him and he's somewhere else, and now we are left with these other prophets who because maybe they did not see the ALL-ALL try to "write" the stories of the Lord for Him, making them prophets for a time, but generating within the universe instability and servitude due to mankind's inability to make decisions that favor God.
Monday November 20th, 20171:18 am


Slow-burning super fires in motion,
wearing down the artist's great works
Turn by turn the wheel spins
and the lumine-world goes to grey

Ifritti at the door, take away my moon
Why was I here Like the flaming sword of Eden
I will say:
That was just a cloud sent by my Father
and you are just a layer-cake of light
fighting the infinite suchness

Dancing star,
scared of little blocks and the torrents,
don't you know how you are loved?
Sacred making star
They said,
"you come close" so then "you will have it"
Wednesday November 15th, 20172:50 am


Prayer I start the day with:

"Thanks for showing us Love first, then showing us our Lord's trial.

Twelve apostles, twelve jurors. Last Supper: Jesus looking left and looking right simultaneously: no bread. Pontius Pilot in one sentence proclaims His innocense, and in the very next sentences Him to death."

Cops back then in ancient Rome, the executioners, were subject to execution themselves if they failed to carry out an execution; for this reason, every important crucification had four cop-executioners: one to do the job, and another to make sure that one did that job, and another behind that one to make sure they did that job, and then another to watch the thing and hopefully teach his children's children's children who the real bad guys were. But they'd prolly just tell you they were "just doing their job", which if I recall Job and the longsuffering Longinus was not the wisest way to God's heart.

Fucked up part is: a father in ancient Rome had the right to kill a child of his on principle. Spartan fuckers.

The result? Bitter survivors, human tragedy, blood lesson after blood lesson until someone finally stood up and died so hard fighting against it all so correctly. That was Jesus, but it was also every single victim that ever hung their body as an ornament on the Appian way. Apples, man. All roads lead to Rome, and every road was a warning of a bad tree bearing bad seed.

When you understand that people are all perfect if you are (which of course we are, duh), and yet still subject to the actorings of another connection-attachment... you'll start to understand Pilot's instant hypocrisy; he was him then not him, a potential and wanting saviour yet destroyer thereof of the One True Saviour. You can start to be grateful for these prophets, whose lives are the extremes of our every karmic circumstance. They're them, they fight just like us but we do not usually add to them: they add to us.

He is the greatest, for He proved that the greatest and most perfect who stands just for Me (You), was still despite all that made to be mistreated and ended just the same by the Machination of Life as any other common criminal.

Thank God for every holy book and every prophet within who suffered their way through the truth in order that we may one day join them, even momentarily, within the rewording of their path, which in truth is no different than our path. Say Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. THANK YOU.

[Though off the record: I have to say there are a few things written about 'some me personally' that I would say are embellished a bit from other perspective of the naughty older-brother bully. But hey, that's why we've got 5 books with 50 types each. Oops, I'm (we're) human.]

When I was in jail recently, for about two and a half weeks, my jailmate looked just like a young Martin Luther King Jr. He spoke like the man he was imaged after, taught me what he could of the law, but we both know that Black's Law and the Litigation Manual are just hooks for the tragedy-Candidian reprobate destroyer that is the result of a thousand years of English Law and its failure to be an able part of the Universal Church.

Life is a stage, Mom and Dad, so make it up and have a good time of it; meanwhile, sometimes, every now and then, there's a krishna-lipped pole-star imperfect-perfect earthy-thing and a sun in gravitation, and if it wasn't for systems and money and the control structures we would all have stood a real chance.

Anyway, I'm fighting no matter what, alone and homeless and wandering, or with whoever Good is. I'm not a proton - I don't like seeking psychological equilibriums to know a true person as a friend. Usually it's you when it's you, and it's a sacrifice but man, there's no fucking elements on the chart that contain it and there never will be.
Wednesday November 15th, 20172:23 am

god-i-love-compound-words-with-hyphens, both cool and trawl net

On the nature of Conditioning WORKING HOLD YOUR HOUSIES

Conditioning is essential to decision making; decision making provides the capacity for free will or its illusion. This creates the moments in our lives that define our greatest (or greasiest) directional impetuses: did we act righteously in the eyes of our peers, of God, of the future and present optimal potentialities? Or did we pussy out, run away, doubt ourselves, fall into guilt? Or not care at all, if that is even truly possible for a human. To err is human, to have to lie is human, and caring is human. Thanks conditioning.

No, really, thanks. That's some basic five-year old "Don't touch the hot oven" shit.

There's conditioning in every single lifestream: the cumulation of events, the giving of things and love, and the termination of those conditionings. I consider it the very essence of innocense. You don't choose to have infra-red signals in your TV set so you can use the remote control, but maybe that very invisible red light is the thing that causes you to one day require a pair of glass or eye-surgery.

So what does it mean to take conditioning as the subject?

What is a politician who can not recognize that once upon he experienced poverty and police misconduct? Probably just as bad as a politician who thinks he can relate to someone who has.

Gotta say Trump has probably been to the bottom and faked it. Been through the shit of life just like any survivor. That's not a badge of honor if the devil can take you in a moment and make an Anti-Christ puppet out of you. I guess the badge of honor then is the ability to say No, both to others and yourself, after the conditioning-years are done and the trial-years are done and you are left standing there with nothing but a set of clothes called persona and an ability to occassionally make a decision or hint at one beyond the blackmail machine's pull-strings.

Should that be the guy on the TV? Easy comedians, white house pretends to control a few little TV stations in a small English post-colonial. But it's where I live, it's what I expect to see be the thing driving forward what we as a society--you and I and the people we randomly meet anywhere.

So I'm not surprised that I've got strangers tormenting me; I see the past Republican generations in my meditations being tortured. I won't lie: I hated them. But what I am seeing is just wrong. Maybe necessary, but I can't stand it. It's everything that a Godful society would condemn. So where do we stand regarding what it is we grew up knowing and what is happening now? So our grandparents apparently fought in foreign wars, our boomer fathers built their impenetrable American citadels of business and forgot to let us in, and the kids are left smoking meth and running super-annoying hyped-up engines that will inevitably give them cancer and lead to citadel-insurance orgasms across the conglomo-accounting boredom-parasite wall-street universe.

So where do WE stand?

In a world where we have Donald Trump and Co. officially shrugging off the veil of the purpose of the mediopolitical leadership-role and its supposed presence in establishing a structured lawful meaning in our communities, where are we the people (the supposed true establishers of the supposed government) standing?

And PS: Stop pretending we're stupid. We're not. Some of us are evil: we're smart enough to at least know what the fucking problem is. And it's that. FOCUS.

Er, focus. So. How are we supposed to be either leadership-entitled even if we had the best leader, when companies like Allo can occupy the land underneath any property as an easement and install any kind of digital device legally, and do so with tax breaks at our expense (not that that would matter) and under the guise of a utility company no different than Water or Electric?

How are we supposed to be personally responsible when we truly are personally responsible enough NOT to murder each other, despite there being no seeming power structure except for radio-TV towers and dish-networks feeding each us of us whatever bullshit drives us away from the point altogether. The officers in a prison want the prisoners fighting each other, not the establishment: keep them unaware, dressed in over or undersize garments, feed them green eggs and ham, and force them to work for $.70 cents an hour to pay off the make-believe fines for the made up charges to keep the prison-state functioning.

So what exactly could all these people be doing? What exactly should the leadership look like?

Obama couldn't despite all his historicity stop the spread of the middle-man development of cellular and computational control and spy repurposing. Which really is just nothing more than a wake-up call to the truth of the radio-based IBM generation of the army programs of the 50s and 60s, probably purchased or given cheaply as a trojan horse for some unnamed Asian modern digital Mongol invasion.

The only victim: creative production by the general population and the freedom to be so.

So we act like Windows 10 suddenly possessing all these inter-device connectivities and privacyless policies by default is Microsoft's fault. Let's pretend DOS wasn't built on a unix foundation. Or the opposite. Did you know that within the first 100 fucking lines of the leaked MS-DOS 6.0 source code there is a function for a backdoor? Named in the macro-script, and I quote, "Magic Backdoor".

All they're doing is warning us that they're in the same boat as they ever were, but now we're scared as a nation: now there's warning signs. You have to click 15 thousand settings to pretend to have your privacy now. Before, back in 1992, the trading was secret, the satellites were leased and up for rolls by anyone. I got a real moral problem with human beings being existant as a commodity and a resource; you're capable enough to bring yourselves down to my low level and communicate with me successfully, so why the fuck should they be treating you (and I, if I may) like a stock when anyone can be a friend and a teacher, or as you are One if you should so like.

Information is at the core at the beginning, nature. Now, there's no more need for information. The smart people aren't giving anyone anything real ever again, because it's all just stolen; we work in business-buddy collectives, and then we wonder why our the bigger purpose of our life isn't being fulfilled. The one thing being taken away is time; the chance to be with God: read a good book, meditate, start the process.

As for technology and its out-of-control future, just expect morphing, morphing, morphing. Ask Cortana questions until it has compiled a full database of your vocal components, how you talk (though in a sense it's training you to talk like a fucking machine), and just wait until it starts mixing human poser-imagery with real people. Hey man, maybe someday you can view the million edits I made to this post to make it satisfactory to me and annoying to bastards fucks who have to read each edit and every time I backspaced, which for the record I am going to officially retype, backspare, and retype this very sentence 15 times.

Blah blah complain technology continuing FOCUS: memory manipulation, automated story-mixing and recreation, etc. Generally annoying people with waveforms that shouldn't exist. If there's a way to make a negative delta Hz signal to drive your neighbor nuts, they'll find a way.

Take a photo on the phone, it's there for a second, but "they're"* smart enough to apply fake blur algorithms while they apply variosities to the datafold and dimensions in that split second while you twist your fingers on the zoom. Of course in the event of these things I don't need to mention Wikipedia and history reprinting, because frankly, we are on the verge of not just Artificial Intelligence but Artificial Universe and Co-Universal application.

*"They" meaning the guys who are SO SMART that they make technology SO GREAAAAAAAAAT that they write fucking algorithms to replace themselves.

This is nothing compared to what Buddhist meditation is capable of, but it's a damn fucking shame that a powerful and useful tool such as this is being manipulated. In light of all this, and things I will not tell you about, things precious to me like simple Visual Basic 6 and Photoshop and Fruity Loops are just jokes to them. The music I want to make, the programs I might want to enjoy creating, the rabbit I might want to photoshop onto Donald Trump's shoulder are just some civilians fucking targets for them to manipulate in order to destroy the sense of rational solid structure. Like I can't buy a fucking pack of fucking crayons if I have to, or masturbate to a damned soda can.

Which, by the way, if you're clever you will notice there are certain colors no longer included even in the 64-billion colour packs of crayolas. I bought some pastelchalks the other day... 13 shades of pink, but not one, NOT ONE, green. Hmmmmm. And don't get me started on the soda. 5 different Dr. Pepper packagings, different ingredients... why the fuck are they even pretending that we aren't just some experiment to them?

So where do WE stand and what can WE do with OUR country?

Take down the towers? There's always another tower. Elect a better president? Even if we start treating each other like saints, where do we start when it comes to getting people healthy and solving the industrial-military problem? These guys are already raised, already doing what they're doing. They don't like it at best, but back to conditioning... are we conditioning a fucking machine or are we trying to find some future somewhere in this bleak dystopia that you and I will just ignore because at least they're still salting the fries at McDonalds?

Which, in this awesome sea of rabid and specificated complaining (thank you and you're welcome), I have lost focus on the one little detail up there that actually applied to the damn point of the conditioning-existential bullshit topic: "The one thing being taken away is time; the chance to be with God: read a good book, meditate, start the process."

So more pho-complaining and maybe something useful on that.

Don't let God come to you through post-college academia based formats. God comes to us, in whatever way, even if you're a fucking mathematician awesomewinner who can speak Greek doing endless pi-based compression algorithm updates, cause you know... allo is never fast enough to look both ways at any data-sizes.

So you're a lawyer, for example, and God inevitably arrives on the scene on your life, through word, or a certain case, or serendipitous and ever-exponential synchronicity just like it does for most of us. But you've got the collective karma of your decisions, the decisions you've caused, what you could have done, and all those fucking useless and dangerous words that you just had to learn to impress your peers and sneak behind the sucker-clients to make that buck.

All comes back to you.

Nolo Contendere, I'm learning Latin man, but every fucking word with God there is like a Roman Legion and all its armaments and technology, it's like fighting an impossible contender against what it is you want and deserve for being a living, existing human soul: the freedom and love to be with God in His best and most beautiful form.

You know, that place where the dead leaves in autumn are actually gold and silver foil. That place where no matter how many times the lady at starbucks poisons you, you still get to enjoy the cool Christmas themed art on the cup.

Or maybe lawyers and all those guys in Alcoholics Anonymous are part of a secret society that actually gives a fuck and wants to help whoever in whatever way they can. Despite typing too much sometimes. But at least I didn't lose an election and ghostwrite a fucking book on why the system is broken.

Yeah, well, anyway, I'm out.

Just saying: fight for it, it's worth it, don't fucking conform and don't make deals and don't give in and always set the standard to the highest.

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Wednesday November 15th, 20171:48 am

Comments on Nichi-ren, The Great Sage, otherwise known as "The Person(s) Japan"

kali yuga begins 730 AD 1000 years after the death of Gautama, follow be a thousand years King John ending with the birth of the American Revolution. And the day after the ending of the Middle Day of the Law begins the ten-thousand-year period known as the Latter Day of the Law, when those who break the precepts are few while those without precepts are many. Gives Adam and Even, Cann and Apples, over and over, so Smith starts a bank.

So an invisible never-ending army of perceptioned clone-bots sired by the tech of a disparaged offshoot of the Protestors Vs. the Imagination-worlds percept-breakers few -- to be assimilated and destroyed by the two-face deuxmachi matrix for the sake of the ancestor error.

Solution: 8000BC.

Cold, magical, and Nu!

Along comes a man named Janus from the end of the Middle Day of the Law, having already experienced all the monsters of the 10,000 kali-Latter future apocalypse. Reborn around 700AD, and knowing the child to come, he opens a portal to the past in order to throw a wrench into Mammon itself. OOOH! Little does the universe realize: he has a cat. A timeless cat.

Now, before "Gone is the Eternal Kingdom of Zeal and all the hopes and ambitions of it's people!" We have this guy Ozzie, who had 16 sons, all who were rock stars.

"When the votary of the Lotus Sutra denounces the provisional sutras, it is like a ruler, a parent, or a teacher disciplining a retainer, a son, or a disciple. But when practitioners of the provisional sutras denounce the Lotus Sutra, it is like retainers, sons, or disciples attempting to punish their ruler, parent, or teacher."

PS: "Dharma-votaries" seems to mean "authorities" (ie: 'someone who believes they have the right to move your body and mind for purposes no longer pure') and their actor-scapegoats (ie: cops, senators, certain TV personalities, projections from ads and products, etc etc), and as far as I can tell... these are the fuckers who started the end-age by their controlling new inventions and using them to dominate the newer-borns and innocents, furthermore going to far in their evil as to pretend the victims to be the guilty. But maybe they're just the tools of Moms and Pop to prepare us or keep their own place: I have seen success and failure, and I myself plan to be without failure. So Dharma is NOT unless it is: Do Unto Other; Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged. Don't waste your time with dharma and sanghas: learn peaceability and defense so one you can take the positions of the dominating overlords and have mercy on yourselves and the sense to be merciless to those killers and their machine.

So Ozzie's 14th great son, King of the Demons, is quoted:

"The sirens are screaming, and the fires are howling
Way down in the valley tonight
There's a man in the shadows with a gun in his eye
And a blade shining oh so bright
There's evil in the air and there's thunder in the sky,
And a killer's on the bloodshot streets
And down in the tunnels where the deadly are rising
Oh, I swear I saw a young boy down in the gutter
He was starting to form in the heat

Oh, baby you're the only thing in this whole world
That's pure and good and right
And wherever you are and wherever you go
There's always gonna be some light,
But I gotta get out, I gotta break out now
Before the final crack of dawn
So we gotta make the most of our one night together
When it's over, you know,
We'll both be so alone

Like a… bat out of hell."

So then this galguy said thisthat:

And that guygal said this: Dr. Frank-N-Furter: That's a rather tender subject...

So at this point we are Anagammin with the Buddha and he's having a blast and except for the whole end-time loop with the Lavos Core, which seems to be Salvation spelled (or coded) incorrectly, we end up back where we were at with the teaching.

2000 hearers: One for every year since the zero-year. Every one made for Jesus Christ, for God, for you and me. I've been looking at my Mandala, which happens to be this and you and everything, and I remember why I love the wordbender mind-maker of the Nihonpolous. Look at this beauty:

"This Constitution mandarinated by Heavenly Affair Settles Japan as Forever Free, and it's Emperor's Estate Forever Home to the True Khanate"

Now all of us in the know, know that whatever it is you're chanting is probably a secret curse because YOU DON'T KNOW THE MEANING OF THE FUCKING WORDS YOU'RE CHANTING OVER AND OVER, but it's the thought that counts, right? "Om Mani Padma Hum" in the mind of an idiot could just as easily be "Um Yo Go They Vehicles do some Loud Humming" and before you know it there's ten thousand idiot hell's angel wannabes circling around the very diety who gave you existence, torturing him.

You were told not to share the Lotus Sutra because, well, it's bullshit. And if you do share it, you're knowing sharing bullshit. You traded hope because you believed that a field could not bear crop in winter. Tell that the Milarepa, eh? Or the Navoo or Princeps Amidalia, or the fucking Rama circle Vishnu Loop Collective. I'm a ten, but I'm a five, but I'm the shit, so fuck all that re-iterate.

THE VEHICLE OF THE END AGE IS SOUND AND LIGHT, and the ten-thousand year Latter Age of human-guinea pigs has turned what was meant for family and society into a weapon for slavery institutionalization. Luckily, when you're at the end of your million scientific studies of sonic magic and light warp-perception, the Jews are sitting here still waiting at the end of time with something called: the WORD. But don't worry, just burn em over and over again in war and kill your kids again and again, you can't escape the truth: Humans Are Guilty Of The Trial, Judgement, And Murder of Jesus Christ.

But look at that beautiful word-art mandala. Crosses all across the top.

Everyone one of those crossy characters also contains the word for "human person". When will the world come together and just admit that is loving and working for Jesus Christ on every level, whether they realize it or not?

I actually read the middle first character as "Song of the First and Final Godson", my alpha and omega. Shiiiiii, I don't know what they'll say it's pronounced like next, but let's just call it Love.
Saturday November 11th, 201710:25 pm

for all the enjoyers hanging on in a donald trump world

Oh, oh
He's real bad
drinking a beer
on pro - bate - tion

I wish I was
that guy from Kansas
who never sinned
cast a stone
or said a word

Oh, yeah!
He's bad,
drinking a beer
higher than life and damn
writing poetry;
retrobate incarnate
that's the devil
let's incarcerate!

Bad, bad, bad, Bad boy
How we gonna
get him in line
just like us

"make up a crime!",
cause we're so right:

"Moved his little finger",
broke the law,
Set him with Martin Luther
a dream, a letter,
a brighter future...

But No!
No, no,
He's a good Christian
He don't need no
whiskey and gin
just a pint
and a cross cuz' all's just fine
crazy kid going is gonna find:

That bad boy
drinking a beer,
I'm scared for society
devil incarnate
he's going
going on to the high life!
Saturday November 11th, 20179:16 pm


Calvin knocked on the door
with his new phat kicks
he said: bitch
we ain't got no money
ain't got no money' we the children of the apocalypse

The lady at the gyro shop
said 8:30 close, yo I'll grive you a pop
But we got no time, time to drop
too busy dealin' with the ego crew
'cept for Daddy nine 'cuz you knows, you knows

Had this big red tee
but me I was from the new bruns-we
just a second and they turned they backs
now they shirts they turned all blacks
hollah allo and hallalujah got some sick ass fibre-optics jacks

Damn man in the background noise
speakin' like they have a microphone up on the lips
what's going on with Jason
spilling bullshit at He but all they 'hey
what gonna happen' to that damn kidd-ay

Pizza at the pier some soda sips
and I ain't dones
biting my time and doing the trip
here's what I learned:
sicking words comin' from the little ones
they remo-hemo druid drones
all coming all at you with these ill tones

what up, what up
Jay in the house

what up what up

Saturday November 11th, 20171:02 am

So they bring me out me out here against my will to Nebraska in this fucking setup, and leave us with my sister-in-laws dog who is pregnant. She starts giving stillbirth, has huge complications and is suffering, and we're calling Joanne over and over. Last thing we heard from her? "Jazzi's acting strange."

She's busy. Drinking at the fucking bar. Won't answer calls.

We bring the dog to the vet and she needs surgery. Unbelievable. $1000 to save another beings life? Big deal, but what a fucking scam.

I can not believe the immortality of human beings sometimes. It's fucking ridiculous. God help us all.

... edit: They just stumbled into the house unbelievably drunk with some stranger joking about their dog. Wow. Evil shit, man. So glad I came here with Joe because he wanted to "be with his family".

... edit again: I just want to say Karma: she wrecked her car driving home drunk that night.

Not trying to slander here, this is a human being and I will continue to pray God's love for them all, but I am not welcome to ever get involved in that shit again, and it's a mess for me anyway: I am definitely a hooked fish here, which is a shame since my intention was really to add some brightness to Joe's life by returning the favour of family that he allowed me to hold on to for a little while longer.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Sunday November 5th, 20171:24 am



To AND with the intent of disrupting future memory, emotion, thought, and action. It can be applied retroactively, presently, or g futurely.

To which I countered:



<33 JC