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Saturday December 31st, 203311:33 pm

How would you like to meet the Mother and Father of Adam and Eve?

"When you get there...
Be sure to Read... [gasp, pause]
Jason's Journal." - O-Ren Ishi-IIs Father's last words, Kill Bill Volume I


spoiler warning


God Bless,
Sunday February 5th, 201710:57 pm

a reel american, jolly-o mate!

"Hugo, I don't much care for your law, but, by golly, this bourbon is good" - trumpman
Sunday January 29th, 20175:30 pm

the real enemy

if you hold vigilant in your conduct to God and virtue, then only two things will harm you in this life:  cops and robbers, or accident.
Monday January 23rd, 20174:42 pm

Oh, Vanguard of dust!

Now the Revelation is seen,
and January 17, 2017 is the sign of the coming of the Lord.

in unrelatedness,
I fear for the republicans,
for to be the least of the Devil's minions
is insurance to be the first in line for the battle to come.

Oh, Vanguard of dust!
How I hurt to see you have to be as you are,
instead of what you should be.

Saturday January 21st, 201711:40 pm

Supping on the ignorance of your lies,
spinning continually through your connectionationings,
I say to you that with this meat
I will sup forever!

Oh! I'm starving!
And in a moment, I will summon the Son
and the Father, the spirit-I--
tired of this incongruency known as You.

Look at these words! Long!
But filled with meaning,
yet, look here, at the manifestations!
Inconceivable crap.

I will never bear witness to a child named of the lexicon again.

This is the decree.

And no Jay come before me
who is not prepared.

Saturday January 21st, 201711:33 pm

Jan 17, 2017...

The Lord is coming.

Monday January 9th, 20178:06 pm


"Hey, comb your hair!"

"Naw.  I'm busy making worlds, bitch."

Sunday December 11th, 20161:07 am

the garden of eden revisted by a modern.

I saw the Lord at the dawn of time, with His Father,
and He had one eye:  Red.
His Father was seated upon a stone, happy in teaching,
and the Kris happy in hearing and knowing Himself again.

There was a sheep,
and one ram, and then, again,
a myriad of sheep, I'm sure at least,
for I saw, truly, only one sheep and one ram.

Seeing the Father and the Son in their happiness is all of my happiness.

Sunday December 11th, 201612:35 am

He who evicts motives and morale for the purpose of the body does so at the expense of the soul.
Tuesday November 22nd, 201612:14 am

the orange book

Muhammad, backwards, is the name "Adam", the first man. It is said that His own rib formed Eve, known as the original (13th) rib:  Costa.

My MAI may be missing, and all its algorithms, rudimentary as they may be.  Modular Artificial Intelligence.  If it is truly gone, I want to point out the importance of morality in the process.  And the idle-timer.