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the filth sinner snakes
and their rotten oats
the fall of man
and again
another war for the world

this time
the gas" is answered simply,
"Where you can not ever see."

Nor ever will again.

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most of their works
that made works
that had made works
have fallen into discontinuity

the olden machines we trusted
have rusted
their potential now
only just blackenrust
in the face of the new

some of us still see
the shining city
on the hill

the bricks that our grandparents laid
their fingerprints
and the baren mortar
of another kind of weapon
launching itself
at our collective eye

shame be for

one tear
of such an eye
would have healed
an entire world.

2wolfsheim i feel you

Not every lamb
goes to slaughter
Not every ram
is filled with the electric
of the gods

Not every state
is made of grassland
Not every tree
of branch and leaf

Not every word
makes a lead
and not every fish
takes the D bite

hyphenate for my parents.

The word subtle sits on my tongue, and the machines and their masters remind me of its sublime meaning. when the buddhists and the paladins initially breached their bonds in the first seven millennia BC they operated on the direct machinal level and traded themselves for a chance at what we know as "view". It is the difference between shakespearean play and a television screen. It is the difference between a computer and the future manifestation. It is the difference between life and the bridge into the abyssal-nothing below. A few beams and a roaring current. View is our eyesight, our hearing, our senses.

Like a leaf.

sublime............................... so far above and below green that it can move in two directions.

The view has been compromised since by waiting devil parasites, sitting in the shadows. What should have been heaven and earth has become battle over the simple true form of the dharma and the unnecessary but beautiful fabrications there-of-made by the demo-beta realmists.

In most subs the wars do not matter; but here we have a war that is bleeding over into the adamlands and before. There must be an answer, or else we will all be entrapped within an endless virtual mirrorland.

The wisest of men fears only a single echo.

Jayasahatronica 101s


Dat creos et cerebreum
Neum seos heraclanium obtur
Senc oblic atorum
Hereum et um aleum straine

Unce' aeroum fallica
Fallicum aleateum constanti
Mus fel ad nada timiti norum
Prae fer norum nada mades

Crae fluxos morum te
et um aoeri non
Vaenu aeorii
et in vaenu areoi comipar